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Tous Your Moments for Women

Tous Your Moments for Women

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Eau De Toilette

Discover Tous Your Moments, an enchanting Eau De Toilette Spray crafted for the contemporary woman. This fragrance by Tous celebrates individuality and confidence, offering an elegant and memorable scent. It starts with vibrant notes of bergamot and mandarin, introducing a lively freshness. The scent unfolds with a heart of rose and peony, weaving a tapestry of delicate florals. These are seamlessly complemented by vanilla's warmth and musk's softness, creating a lasting, captivating presence. Ideal for any setting, Tous Your Moments transitions effortlessly from day to night, appealing to women of all ages with its sophisticated yet playful essence. Enjoy the enduring allure of this versatile fragrance, designed to highlight the beauty of every moment.

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