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Set Orientica Amber Rougue Unisex

Set Orientica Amber Rougue Unisex

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4 pc. SET of 2.7 oz EDP Spray, 7.5 ml. EDP Spray & 2 pcs. of 10 ml. EDP Spray

The Orientica Ladies Amber Rouge EDP Set presents a sophisticated collection, including a 2.7oz main Eau de Parfum spray, alongside smaller sizes of 7.5ml and two 10ml sprays, perfect for various occasions. Amber Rouge is a contemporary and chic fragrance, beginning with a vibrant blend of spicy saffron and alluring jasmine. It then transitions to a heart of luxurious amberwood and ambergris, enriching the scent with warmth. The fragrance concludes with a cedar and fir resin base, adding an earthy sophistication. Ideal for those who adore Amber Rouge or wish to gift its elegant aroma, this set ensures a memorable and versatile fragrance experience.

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