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Set Kenzo Homme Sport for Men

Set Kenzo Homme Sport for Men

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2 pc. SET of 3.4 oz EDT Spray & 3.4 oz AS/Balm in Trousset Bag

The Kenzo Homme Sport Eau de Toilette Set for Men presents a dynamic, woody, spicy fragrance punctuated with lively citrus notes, making it a perfect match for the energetic man. It starts with an exhilarating mix of grapefruit, mint, and lemon, creating a vibrant and fresh opening. The fragrance's heart introduces a warm, spicy concoction of geranium, ginger, and various spices, lending it complexity and flair. Anchoring the scent, a robust cedar and vetiver base ensures durability and a solid finish. This EDT set features a 100ml Eau de Toilette spray, a 50ml aftershave balm, and a toiletry bag, making it a perfect present for oneself or a loved one.

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