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Set 360 Trio For Men

Set 360 Trio For Men

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3 pc. SET of 1.0 oz. Spray Classic, Red & Reserve

The Perry Ellis 360 for Men Eau de Toilette Set offers an ideal collection for those seeking a distinctive fragrance. It includes three EDT sprays - 360, 360 Red, and Reserve, each offering a unique mix of citrus, herbal, and fruity elements. 360 combines melon, mandarin, lavender, amber, and musk for a refreshing scent complemented by earthy heart notes. 360 Red introduces a spicier blend with ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon, grounded in a woody musk base. Reserve offers a bold, oriental fragrance with dark spices, leather, and wood, crafting a deep, masculine aroma. Encased in travel-sized 1oz bottles, this versatile set caters to men aiming for a captivating presence and is ideal as a gift for any occasion, promising a memorable scent experience.

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