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Salvatore Ferragamo Giungle Di Seta for Unisex

Salvatore Ferragamo Giungle Di Seta for Unisex

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3.4 oz. EDP Spray

Storie di Seta introduces a captivating new fragrance collection by Salvatore Ferragamo, inspired by the fantastical realms reflected in the brand's luxurious silk designs. This elegant collection presents four distinct and universally appealing perfumes, each with a unique blend. Giungle di Seta emerges as a standout eau de parfum within this collection, offering a rich tapestry of exotic floral and lush green notes, evoking the allure of distant, mystic terrains. This vibrant and vivacious scent marks a fresh, dynamic chapter in Salvatore Ferragamo's fragrance line, inviting wearers to explore the untamed beauty of nature's jungles through an olfactory journey.

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