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Liz Claiborne for Women

Liz Claiborne for Women

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Eau De Toilette

Liz Claiborne for Women Eau de Toilette spray captivates the senses with its vibrant and multifaceted composition. It begins with a lively burst of top notes, including carnation, lily, freesia, mandarin orange, marigold, green notes, bergamot, and peach, creating a refreshing and uplifting introduction. The fragrance's heart unfolds into a rich floral bouquet featuring jasmine, narcissus, rose, ylang-ylang, lilac, tuberose, lily-of-the-valley, and violet, exuding femininity and elegance. Finally, the scent settles into a warm and sensual base of sandalwood, amber, oakmoss, and musk, providing a comforting and lasting foundation. Liz Claiborne for Women is a timeless and sophisticated fragrance that perfectly balances freshness, florals, and warmth, making it an exquisite choice for any occasion.

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