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Guess 1981 Indigo for Men

Guess 1981 Indigo for Men

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Eau De Toilette

Guess 1981 Indigo is a dynamic fragrance for the contemporary man, serving as an ideal complement to enhance your style and make an impression. This Eau De Toilette Spray blends aromatic notes to capture true masculinity. It starts with energizing top notes of fig, blue lavender, and guarana, stimulating the senses. The scent evolves with sophisticated heart notes of coconut water, Sri Lankan vetiver, and birch leaf, adding richness. Warm base notes of musk, cedarwood, and ambergris anchor the fragrance, ensuring it stays with you all day. Suitable for any setting, from work to social events, Guess 1981 Indigo boosts confidence and allure, guaranteeing attention and admiration for its lasting impact.

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