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DKNY Be Delicious Extra for Women

DKNY Be Delicious Extra for Women

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Eau De Perfume

DKNY Be Extra Delicious by Donna Karan is a mesmerizing fragrance for women, crafted to highlight boldness and allure across all ages. Ideal for any setting, from day-to-day outings to elegant evenings, this perfume features a distinctive mix of notes for an unforgettable aroma. It starts with a vibrant splash of apple, offering a sweet and refreshing introduction. The scent then transitions to include floral hints of rose and violet, enhancing its feminine appeal. Completing the fragrance, warm base notes of sandalwood and amber add depth and sensuality. Be Extra Delicious champions confidence and empowerment with a lasting formula that ensures its captivating essence lingers, boosting your confidence.

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