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Calvin Klein Escape for Women

Calvin Klein Escape for Women

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Eau De Perfume

Presenting Calvin Klein Escape for Women EDP Spray, a fragrance that epitomizes the spirit of liberation and exploration. Ideal for women across all ages, it instills a feeling of boldness and refinement. The scent starts with a lively mix of succulent peach, crisp apple, and tangy bergamot, offering an exhilarating sensory journey. As it unfolds, a floral medley featuring the softness of rose, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley brings in an element of grace and allure. At its core, Escape for Women is anchored by a base of warm, inviting notes. The blend of rich sandalwood, deep musk, and smooth cedarwood creates a soothing yet profound signature aroma, ensuring an unforgettable presence.

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